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We Specialize in Semi-Private Classes $80 per month. 

Swimming Skill Progress

We are dedicated to help your student learn swimming skills ASAP and expect swimmer confidence & skill improvement in every class

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Little Blue  – 6 Months – 3 Years

  • Parents Participate
  • Learn how to hold your child in the water
  • Establish non-verbal and verbal signals
  • Preparation for underwater submersion
  • Underwater submersion
  • Floating
  • Rolling from front to back
  • Preparation for holding breath off the wall
  • Return back to the wall


   Macaroni Penguin

  • Water over head and ears
  •  Keep water out of your nose
  • Breathing skills for the water
  • Gliding with effective kicks
  • Effective arm strokes
  • Floating on back
  • Rolling from front to back
  • Customized training for your needs
   King Penguin
  • Perfect prone body position
  • Perfect back float
  • Freestyle
  • Swim on back while kicking only
  • Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly
  • Underwater swimming
  • Jumps and diving
  • Safety skills
   Emperor Penguin        Adult
Emperor – Adults 
  • Gliding Unassisted with face underwater and kicking
  • Gliding while exhaling underwater with kicking
  • Gliding with pop up breaths
  • Establish effective arm strokes
  • Arm strokes, kicking, and Pop Up breaths
  • Back Float unassisted 10 seconds
  • Roll from front to back
  • Jump from wall and return back to the wall
  • Swim unassisted half way across the pool, turn around, and return to the pool steps

Swimming Lessons Jacksonville FL

Best Instructors

Our mission is to help your student learn to swim quickly & have fun along the journey 

All instructors are carefully trained & mentored  


Instructors are Lifeguard or WSI certified and have years of experience 

How we teach Penguins to Swim

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