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Learn with a new mom beginning the learning to swimming process.

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Swimming Lesson
It’s very important to begin orientating your child to the water as early as 6 months. Babies are born with a swimming reflex that begins to dissipate at 6 months.This reflex is a natural reaction to submersion and the baby will instinctively hold their breath as well kick their feet.
Babies can’t actually swim, however, you can condition behaviors that will help orientate them to the water and increase their chances of surviving an accidental submersion. I will show you how to prepare a child of any age for swimming lessons and how to practice.
The first behavior your child must master is to never enter the water or jump of a wall unless they have been cued to enter. Always, count to three before entering the water. Always, work from the stairs or wall and have your child turn back to where the started . You want to condition your child to return to the wall or stairs after they swim to you.

Step 1 – Preparation for underwater swimming

Step 2 – Orientation to the buoyancy of the water.

Step 3 – Back float

Step 4 – Underwater Swimming

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Prepare your child to swim quickly and prevent fear of the water!

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Teach Yourself to Swim
Learn to identify & overcome the 2 roadblocks to learning to swim 

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Master Swimming Coach shares 20+ years of experience teaching advanced swimming techniques and freestyle

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Swimming is the Only Sport that Could Save your Life

Swimming Skills to Practice Outside of Lessons

Learning to Swim should be FUN

Swimming Lesson Practice

How to make sure that your child doesn’t develop a sensitivity to water on the face!

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