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Live Swimming Lessons series includes weekly exclusive live streams and unlimited access to all past and future live lessons with our Kid Whisper.

We believe that if parents learn to teach swimming that kids will learn to swim faster. Drowning is still the leading cause of death for kids under the age of 5. We feel that parents should be involved in the learning to swim process to help prevent drownings.

Coach Brian Quinn shares 20+ years of swimming school experience with 3 years of video footage edited to illustrate the most important fundamentals of teaching swimming that will help any parent teach their own child to swim.

Prepare your child to swim quickly and prevent fear of the water!

Learn the secrets that have helped thousands learn to swim.  You can learn at any age and we want to help.  Join the Club today!  We have created a fun and entertaining course that works. 

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Kid Whisper Coach Q will teach sports themed digital physical education classes. We will develop your students athleticism though structured smart play.

Every child will have a sport that they are naturally suited and will have greater success.   We work with parents to develop overall age appropriate athleticism.  Very little focus on each sports rules as we focus on developing athletic skills.  

Running Speed
Ball Throwing all sizes
Ball Catching all Sizes
Ball Dribbling 
Hand Eye Coordination
Eye Foot Coordination, 
Ball Handling & Tracking
Racquet Skills
Stick Handling
Olympic Sports
Racquet Sports

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Kid Whisper E-Book Swimming Lesson Secrets

The first behavior your child must master is to never enter the water or jump of a wall unless they have been cued to enter. Always, count to three before entering the water. Always, work from the stairs or wall and have your child turn back to where the started . You want to condition your child to return to the wall or stairs after they swim to you.

Step 1 – Preparation for underwater swimming
Begin with small amounts using small amounts of water and progress to cups and buckets of water. Pour the water after counting to 3, the water should run over the crown of the head and over the child’s mouth. With older children that have some fear of water you should begin pours on the back of the head and over ears before the face. You can teach older children growling and humming to keep water out of the nose and mouth.

Keep Water out of Nose – Swimming Lesson

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